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IDA's help Linda reach her goal

“Pursue a goal, stick to it, and with persistence you will achieve it,” shares Linda.  “I had no idea that such a program like LaCasa’s IDA program even existed.   If my pastor had not known about the program I would not be a home owner ...continue reading.

Help-A-House story

Carl and Laurie first contacted LaCasa last fall for assistance with building a wheelchair ramp because Carl had been having increasing problems with his heart. The doctor told him the heart problem, coupled with having given up one lung and part of the second one, would leave him unable to walk any distance... continue reading »

A Life of Persecution and Success

Immigration Story by Maria Sanchez Schirch

People from Taiwan, Philippines, Croatia, Russia, Mexico, South and Central America, Indonesia, Yemen, and many other countries come to our office for help with their immigration issues. The answer for many of them may be devastating for the future of their families but in other cases it may be rewarding. Experiences we never imagined have happened to many of our clients like Natasha from the former Soviet Union... continue reading »

Client Testimonial: Home Ownership

Submitted by Debbie Fath

My name is Lana. I’m a 28 year old single female house-owner and I am honored to have the opportunity to acknowledge LaCasa’s wonderful work by sharing my own story. A year ago I would never have thought of owning my own house. Then, life happened, and there I was looking at another move and yet another rental situation. Someone close to me surprised me by suggesting that I contact LaCasa and look into buying my own house... continue reading »

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